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You know you're good when everyone plots your demise from the start.

The board game Risk (by Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro) is one of the greatest strategy games ever. It is the perfect blend of strategy, chance, and propaganda. Each game of Risk is a new adventure in out witting and out rolling your opponents.

The battle lines have been drawn and the generals look down upon the battlefield map. Each one planning how to gain victory. The orders they will give will mean death to millions. In the end there will only be one who will conquer and rule the whole world.

The war started with a bloody battle in Australia. Neither side could gain the decisive victory they so desperately needed. The landscape, armies, and economy was left in ruins. It was a tempting target for the roaming armies in the Urals. They were cold, homeless, and on the move.

They moved swiftly while they destroyed the defending forces in their way. They staged their attack from Siam and easily defeated the remaining troops in Australia.

Two battles that ended the hopes of two generals. But for the third, victory was at hand. Today Australia, tomorrow the world.

Risk - the board game by Parker Brothers (Hasbro. Inc.)
Visit their web site for replacement game parts and pdf copies of the official rules.

Chess is 90% skill and 10% luck.
The card game war is 100% chance.
Risk is 50% chance and 50% skill.

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